Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bonsoy, the leading soy milk enjoyed by baristas and consumers around the globe, has returned, reformulated, to cafes across Australia.

The soy milk drink, which was been a favourite among Australian coffee drinkers for more than 25 years, is being redistributed to cafes following its reformulation.

Fully tested and approved by Australian food regulators, the reformulated product has been distributed to cafes in NSW and Victoria for sale in limited quantities, according to Spiral Foods Director James Wilson.

“We’ve been inundated by loyal Bonsoy drinkers who have been asking when Bonsoy will be back. We’re pleased to announce the reformulated product is now available,” said Wilson.

“For more than 30 years Spiral Foods has been committed to providing healthy, natural food products and we have worked with the producers of Bonsoy to reformulate the product and return it to cafes and stores as soon as possible,” Mr Wilson added.

The new formula resulted in the removal of kombu, a seaweed extract that contains naturally occurring iodine.

“We have thoroughly tested the new product and have worked with the producers to ensure it fully satisfies Bonsoy drinkers in terms of taste and texture,” Mr Wilson said.

Bonsoy will be available in limited quantities through cafes before a full roll-out to consumers, through health food stores and supermarkets, later this year.

Mr Wilson said he was delighted by the positive response to product taste testing among cafe owners and customers.

“We’ve carried out taste tests with over 30 cafe owners and baristas stocking the new product in Sydney. The findings have been overwhelmingly positive - 100% gave it the thumbs up, claiming they liked or loved the new product. Everyone involved believed it made a great cup of coffee and would recommend it to their customers.”

“We’re pleased to have Bonsoy back with a great tasting, creamy soy milk,” said Jaraya Wood, Manager at Journeys Bookstore and Cafe in Annandale.

“It’s great and much preferred over other soy milks,” added Renee Byrne, Co-owner of Le Monde Cafe in Surry Hills. “It tastes a little lighter than before. I’m very happy with this product.”
The product also has the stamp of approval from Australian Naturopath Kevin Griffiths, who is enthusiastic about its health benefits.

“The reason that I love Bonsoy is that it is made with whole organic soy beans that have been prepared according to ancient and traditional Japanese principals,” Mr Griffiths said

“Bonsoy is a great source of high level vegetable protein and still has that delicious creamy taste and smooth texture that is loved by so many, including myself. It is also low in fat and free of cholesterol. Bonsoy is a nutritious and enjoyable addition to a well balanced and wholefood diet.”




Customers can find their nearest stockist of the reformulated product on Spiral Foods website

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