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5 Food Trends you need to know about

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods08 Oct 20140 Comments

- By Fine Food Australia 2014.

Fashion isn't the only industry governed by trends. The food industry is highly trend driven, from how equipment looks to proteins that consumers eat, to diet crazes that change the products people will and won't consume in foodservice establishments.

Looking back over the last 30 years of the foodservice industry, there are many food trends that have come and gone. Some came and went quickly, like the sundried tomato craze of the 80's, some have stuck around a bit longer, such as our ongoing love affair with cupcakes, while others have been a reflection of us growing as people than being limited to just the industry, such as the increased awareness of ethical treatment of farmed animals.

Whether good or bad, trends form a massive part of the industry. In today's world of food, there are a few trends that have gathered steam and are impacting not only what people eat, but how they eat and even where they eat.

Our pick of the food trends currently impacting the industry are: