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Vegetarian Diets

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods16 May 20130 Comments

There’s a trend toward eating more vegetarian meals because of a greater recognition of the advantages of a plant-based diet. A well-balanced plant-based diet can provide

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Super Foods

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods16 May 20130 Comments

Sarina Lewis looks behind the exotic names for the hard-bitten truth about 10 top ''miracle'' foods NEVER has there existed such a minefield surrounding what

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Meeting high demand but with no meat

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods16 May 20130 Comments

  NO animals were harmed in the opening of this butcher's shop. Instead of selling "food with a face" Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher in Enmore offers

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Food From a Loving Home - OUT NOW!

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods16 May 20130 Comments

  Lauren Burns is best known for winning an Olympic gold medal in taekwondo. Now a qualified natropath, motivational speaker and mother of two, Lauren has written Food

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Did you know?! It takes 40 gallons of Sap . . .

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods16 May 20130 Comments

  IT TAKES 40 GALLONS OF SAP TO MAKE 1 GALLON OF MAPLE SYRUP! It's a long road from the tree trunk to the tabletop. Sugar maple sap is about 98 percent water, a

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5 Food Trends

5 Food Trends you need to know about

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods08 Oct 20140 Comments

- By Fine Food Australia 2014. Fashion isn't the only industry governed by trends. The food industry is highly trend driven, from how equipment looks to proteins that co

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Bonsoy statement - 25 November, 2014

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods25 Nov 20140 Comments

We would like to thank all of our customers for their feedback in regards to Bonsoy and would like to clarify some points on the recent news surrounding the levels of iodine in

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Bonsoy statement - 26 November, 2014

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods26 Nov 20140 Comments

At the end of 2009 Spiral Foods, the distributor of Bonsoy took the precaution of voluntarily recalling the product following feedback regarding one of the product’s ingre

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Michio Kushi, Advocate of Natural Foods in the U.S., Dies at 88

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods15 Jan 20150 Comments

By Tamar Lewin, New York Times, 4 jan 2015. Michio Kushi, a Japanese scholar who popularized the macrobiotic diet in the United States, helping to change the way health-c

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Spiral Foods' Sugo

Spiral's Sugo Nature & Health winner

Source/posted by: Spiral Foods05 Mar 20150 Comments

"WINNER - Spiral Organic Garlic & Basil Chunky Pasta Sauce is the closest you'll get to memorable Italian home cooking; using locally grown tomatoes and herbs, it&#

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