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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are refined and unrefined oils?

UNREFINED oil is simply pressed, filtered and bottled, retaining its original nutrient content, flavour and colour. The compounds that give unrefined oils their unique flavour and character also shorten their shelf life and limit their cooking applications. Unrefined oils add full-bodied flavour to dishes and are best used for low heat cooking or for sauces, dressings, marinades and dipping.

REFINED oil has been processed to make it more stable and suitable for high temperature cooking. The refining process also removes most of the flavour, colour and nutrients.




What is expeller pressed?

Expeller pressing is a chemical-free mechanical process in which the oil in a seed or nut is forced out under pressure. This pressure, particularly when used on hard seeds or nuts, can generate heat due to friction. Therefore, some delicate oils are cold pressed, which simply means the expeller pressing is done under controlled temperatures. Expeller pressed oils are among the most healthpromoting oils available.




What is the difference between Shoyu and Tamari?

SHOYU is traditionally both a table and cooking sauce. Our shoyu is naturally fermented for 3-years. It is made from whole soybeans, wheat (used for growth of culture), natural sea salt, water and koji starter. Spiral Shoyu is high in B vitamins, protein, amino acids and enzymes.

TAMARI is naturally fermented from whole soybeans, water and sea salt. Spiral Tamari has a stronger flavour and aroma than Shoyu. Tamari is traditionally a cooking sauce, which is rich in amino acids, high in protein and wheat free/Gluten Free.