BONSOY uses a "traditional recipe". Please elaborate on this traditional process.
What we mean by a "traditional recipe" is that soy and grain give a complete protein profile. Kombu (sea-veg), known for its mineral content, is also used when beans are consumed. Job's tears (also known as Hato Mugi) is held in high regard in Chinese medicine for its properties. These ingredients form the corner stone of a "traditional recipe" in that all these products work together not only for taste and texture but also for nutrition.
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My Naturopath told me Bonsoy is the best soymilk and a good way for me to introduce soy into my diet. Please list some ways that I could include it in my diet.

Bonsoy has a rounded taste and can be used imaginatively in all types of cuisines, goes great with;

Use it in cakes
With your tea or coffee
On its own…

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What is the difference between whole soybeans and soy isolates?
Bonsoy is made from a select variety of whole soybeans and always will be.
We believe that wholefoods contain a broader spectrum of nutrients than refined foods with additives.
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